Game of E3: Star Wars Battlefront

by on June 23, 2015


There were plenty of great announcements at E3. Dishonored 2, Fallout 4, Doom, hell that was just the first conference. Final Fantasy VII, Shenmue 3, Gears 4, they all happened in one glorious week in LA. None of them are our Game of the Show though. No, that award goes to a title that we saw the first real proper gameplay of: Star Wars Battlefront.

As the gameplay demo began on EA’s stage, a million voices were suddenly silenced. Like many, we had doubts when we heard DICE’s reboot would be predominantly online, but that demo. Just… wow.

It was like watching the films. That Hoth battle, from the details off the troopers to the bolts on the AT-ATs, is perfect. Sound, visuals, everything, it was incredible, and from Mike’s hands-on, it sounds like it really will play like that to.

So on that note, we’re incredibly pleased to announce Star Wars Battlefront is our Game of E3 2015. Congratulations to EA and DICE.