Video Game Voice Actors may Take Strike Action

by on September 24, 2015

Videogames might be getting a bit quieter in the near future as voice actors vote as to whether or not they should strike.

It seems some members of the actors union SAG-AFTRA aren’t happy with the way they and their work is treated in this line of work, and as such members are taking up the vote.

Current demands include a bonus paid out if a game reaches a certain sales threshold, and because of the rise of motion capture in games – stunt pay.

Voicing their displeasure are people like Will Wheaton (Star Trek, Codename: STEAM), Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect, Broken Age), and Tara Strong (Batman: Arkham Knight, Disney Infinity 3.0).

It does appear that this could be a long, drawn out process as things aren’t really all that simple, but in this sort of situation it never is. Whatever happens I hope it is sorted quickly and amicably.


Thanks Nerdist