Here’s two Steam games you probably haven’t heard of

by on October 13, 2015

Colm and I were looking for some games to play the other day, so decided to check my Steam library.

Now, at the risk of sounding a complete elite-gaming-critic-prick, we get sent a lot of codes for a lot of games, and it’s just not possible to cover all of them at the time. That’s no mark on their quality, and indeed, these two both appear to be interesting, well made games.

First up is In Between, a game by Gentlymad and published by Headup Games. None of this video is fake, and we put it together “as is”, so you can see our bemusement at the cool “exit game” idea.

Secondly, Planet of the Eyes, a platformer from Cococucumber, which has excellent voice acting and reminded Colm of Limbo.

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