A New 40-Player Mode is Coming to Star Wars Battlefront

by on November 24, 2015

Today DICE, the developers behind the recently released Star Wars Battlefront, have revealed that their imminent first piece of DLC won’t only contain a new map, but a new mode too, which will see teams of 20 face off against each other.

The Battle of Jakku pack, which is inspired from the upcoming Star Wars: Force Awakens, will add the desert planet map and the massive game mode which is called Turning Point.

The objective of Turning Point is for the Rebels to capture the three imperial bases on the map before the times runs out, which the Empire will have to valiantly defend. Once a base is captured more time will be added on the clock for the Rebels to capture the others, with the difficulty increasing with each base.

The vechiles which will be available in Turning Point are airspeeders and AT-STs.

The Battle of Jakku DLC will be available for free on December 1st for all those who preordered the game, its everyone else getting access a week later on December 8th.