Sponsored: Mobile Gaming Is Set to Take Over the Online Gaming Industry

by on March 14, 2016

With the way things are going with the online gaming industry, many are curious as to whether mobile is set to take over the internet. To delve into this subject, the first thing we have to do is discuss perspective; meaning the gaming industry is more complex than most people think it actually is. In fact, most people think that their preferred platforms lie at the center of everything and their perspective branches out from there. Some people are so adamant about their beliefs that they tend to join groups and form subcultures.

The thing is, not all subcultures are created equal. For example, many YouTubers or game journalists tend to stay within a specific group of people that consider PC and console gaming to be the end all and be all, in terms of gaming. Everything else, (mobile, web, or Facebook for example) is considered to be casual and is not taken seriously.

For many decades, traditional gaming was considered to be the type that’s done on computers and consoles. And, at one point or another, each one has fought for the attention of the consumer. This competition has created a generation of gamers who are quite familiar with these types of games.

If you listen to the story that is being told, video and online games are set to take over the world. Games are considered to be bigger than movies and nowadays everyone seems to be a gamer. But, if this is true, why are so many people whispering about a mobile gaming takeover?

Consider this: it’s been said that the Sony PS4 is the most popular next-generation console on the market, news which has made the gaming media very happy. But, when you consider that Apple sold over 10 million iPhones in one weekend or that even Microsoft sold nearly a billion dollars worth of Surfaces i.e. or three million machines, the information about the PS4 doesn’t seem to hold as much weight.

Although it’s becoming increasingly clear that mobile is indeed taking over the gaming industry, there are some core fans that argue against its legitimacy in the industry. But, numbers don’t lie and their arguments are looking more and more like fan fiction.

In a 2015 report by NewZoo, it was reported that mobile was set to outpace the console industry when it comes to revenue. Yes, you heard that right. Those little apps are set to surpass the console. Furthermore, these sales are expected to grow 30% more by 2017.

Looking deeper into revenue reveals some pretty surprising news. For instance, PC and console games are generally sold for about $50 each. Mobile games are very affordable by comparison — the average cost of a high-quality gaming app is about $2. Furthermore, for mobile to surpass the premium gaming products sold by the gaming developers, there would have to be about 25 times as many mobile game players out there vs core gamers.

When you look at this news, how can one, in good conscience, still claim that PCs and consoles are still the major gaming forces and mobile is casual? Isn’t it time to take a new perspective?

Rather than showing signs of slowing down, instead all signals indicate that mobile gaming is not just another fad. In fact, more people are downloading apps every day. This means that the consumer appetite for these types of applications is here to stay.

Some might say that mobile is now considered to be core gaming. And why wouldn’t it be? Gamers can even use these devices to play their favorite casino games on Insta casino and win real cash while on the go- a tremendous benefit indeed.