Make more Super Mario Maker with brand new tools

by on March 9, 2016

It’s hard not to love Mario Maker. Honestly, having infinite Super Mario levels is essentially the best thing to ever happen to gaming, ever (and that’s no hyperbole. OK, maybe a little bit, but I’m biased).¬†Anyway, Nintendo have kept the game fresh with regular updates, adding new tools and ways to make gamers worldwide scream in frustration. Today brings a brand new update that adds some classic Super Mario hazards!

First up, is the key from Super Mario World, and of course the doors that you use the keys with! Shake the P Switch and you’ll end up with your key, while shaking normal doors will turn them into Key Doors. You can probably figure the rest out – Hide the key somewhere, or even give it to an enemy to guard! For more challenge, why not shake a coin to turn it into a Pink Coin – If a player collects all of these rose-hued coins on a course, they’ll be rewarded with a key.

Another deadly hazard is the infamous spiky pillars, again from Super Mario World. Shaking a Thwomp enemy will give you these thorny shafts to place wherever you choose. Lay them down and watch them thrust back and forth, creating instant pain for all who touch them.

Aside from these new tools, a brand new “Super Expert” difficulty mode is available for those who finish 100 Mario Mode on Expert. These levels are the hardest on the Internet, and will prove to be the biggest test for Mario veterans. The rewards are great though, unlocking five new Mystery Mushroom costumes for this difficulty, joining four new costumes for finishing on Expert, and three for finishing on Normal.

The Super Mario Maker Bookmark website has also been updated to show the World Record players for each level.

Anyway, see more info in this handy video!

Not a bad bunch of FREE additions, and more are on the way – Are you still playing Super Mario Maker? Will this update bring you back to the game?