CryEngine source code now available on GitHub

by on May 25, 2016

Crytek have announced that the source code for their in-game engine, CryEngine, is now available to all developers via programming repository GitHub.

The engine is not fully open-source however — while most companies or groups upload their source codes with an open-source licence allowing developers to modify it freely, Crytek have avoided taking this route. Those willing to modify will have to purchase a commercial licence to access certain parts of the code, with legal restrictions of the code still fully applying.

“In the past, public Cryengine releases came with source code in a zip file included in the build,” wrote Davie Kaye, senior systems engineer at Crytek, in a blog post. “While this allowed users to customize systems as they saw fit, it was a simple drop of files. To see the difference in a set of files between one release and the next, both archives needed to be extracted and compared. Git makes this a lot easier, and since Git is decentralized, it can also be used just as effectively with no network connection.”

You can see the entire source code for CryEngine on GitHub.

Thanks, VentureBeat.