Check out DOOM running at 200fps on Nvidia’s GTX 1080

by on May 9, 2016

DOOM developer id Software have demo’d footage of the shooter running on Nvidia’s newly announced and most powerful GPU, the GeForce GTX 1080.

The footage, taken by PC Gamer at an announcement event for the GTX 1080, shows DOOM up and running using the Vulkan API with the in-game FPS counter enabled. Initially, the video shows a steady frame-rate of 60 fps running at 1080p, the limit of the projector being used, before V-sync is turned off and the performance jumps to between 120 and 200 fps.

It’s not all good news though as id software has said there are a few graphical glitches and bugs in the game engine, at these high frame rates, that they “weren’t able to detect until they had the performance of the GTX 1080.”

DOOM will be released on Friday, May 13, for PC, Xbox One and PS4 while the GTX 1080 will launch later this month with a price-tag of $600. For details of DOOM’s launch and PC requirements click here.

Thanks, GameSpot.