Sony forecasts PS4 sales of 20 million this fiscal year

by on May 24, 2016

Sony have shared their forecast for future PS4 sales, hoping that their fourth incarnation of the PlayStation will top sales of 20m by next April.

The figures were released in the company’s 2015 fiscal report/2016 fiscal forecast, which showed that the company saw a 11.8% increase in game and network sales from 2014’s results. Sony is hoping to increase the sales of PlayStation by an extra 8.3% in the coming fiscal year which ends of March 31, 2017.

Should Sony hit their target of 20m consoles sold this year, it would take the PlayStation 4 install base to 60m. With the launch of PSVR and huge titles such as Zero Horizon Dawn, No Man’s Sky and The Last Guardian expected to launch this year, Sony aren’t necessarily aiming too high.

Sony currently boasts the best-selling video game console in history with the PlayStation 2, which sold a staggering 155m units across its lifetime.

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