Soul Axiom Adventure Puzzler heading to consoles in June

by on May 19, 2016

The Adventure Puzzler from Wales Interactive Soul Axiom, will be released on PlayStation 4 on June 7, followed by Xbox One on June 8, selling for £15.99, $19.99, €19.99 respectfully.

PS4 owners will receive a further 25% discount with 10% off normally and an extra 15% for PS Plus members bringing the game to £11.99, $14.99, €14.99 for a limited time only.

Xbox gamers will receive an additional 2 hours of bonus content containing a never-before-seen Chapter with three unique levels and a digital copy of the 82-page art book. The book features character, environment and storyboard designs.

Soul Axiom is a first-person adventure game, set in the cyber-world of Elysia. You will collect unique hand powers to solve puzzles and unlock the path to your adventure. With over 20 hours of game play, 100 physical puzzles and 40 distinct locations to explore and multiple endings as you unravel the mysteries of your digital afterlife.