Battlefield 2042 is coming to PlayStation Plus in March

by on February 24, 2023

PlayStation has confirmed the three games for PS Plus in March subscribers will get, and Battlefield 2042 is leading the charge.

While it was off to a rocky start, Battlefield 2042 has just been updated in a major way, with a return to the class system, which is more familiar to long-time players of the series. There are now four classes (Assault, Recon, Support, Engineer), but there are also major weapon improvements, balancing changes, a reworked Breakaway map, and even the audio and visual side of the game has been overhauled.

Battlefield 2042 is now in season 4, called “Eleventh Hour”, and with it coming to PlayStation Plus in March, it’s not a bad time to have a try, if you’ve always wanted to, but been put off by the early negative impressions.


Elsewhere, Minecraft Dungeons is also joining the PlayStation Plus Essential Tier, and this is another game that’s improved over time, with a wealth of content added via DLC. Back in May 2020 when it was released, Mick said that “Minecraft Dungeons is enjoyable in small doses and will amuse younger gamers for a while. And it has potential, heaps of it, so in a year’s time it may be a very different beast. But I’m afraid that right now I can’t shake the notion that this is a bit of a squandered opportunity that really should have done more with its source material”.

The final of the three titles to join PS Plus Essential on March 7th is Code Vein. Another Mick review, he said in 2019 that “Code Vein presents a unique and, dare-I-say, slightly more casual alternative to titles like Bloodborne and Dark Souls. It’s no revolution, but, perhaps ironically, Code Vein is an enjoyable, compelling Soulslike with a great deal of heart”.