Battlefield 2042 Crimson Front in-game event now live

by on April 17, 2024

The latest in-game even has begun for Battlefield 2042, as Crimson Front enters the warzone as part of Season 7: Turning Point. Frontlines Mode returns as part of the limited in-game event, where players compete in a strategic and intense combat experience that focuses on one hell of a relentless result.

Unfolding amidst the unprecedented global assault by the TPC’s Ground Forces, Crimson Front centers around The Red Hand, an experienced and lethal battalion known for pushing the front lines and never falling back. Players ready for a challenge are guaranteed thrilling combat scenes and intense strategy play.

Players will be able to earn various rewards as part of Crimson Front, where the latest event in Battlefield 2042 will be offering a Double XP weekend. As mentioned earlier, Frontlines returns as an iteration from Battlefield 1 and V, where players experience 20v20 close-quarter combat on a clearly define frontline. It can be played on Haven, Reclaimed, Discarded, and Redacted. For those that want to know more about Season 7 of Battlefield 2042, you can check out the key features below:

  • New Map: Haven – Set in El Alicanto, Chile, a town in the scorching Atacama Desert, Haven is an urban warfare map where forces vie for control in heated battle.
    • This 64-player map is designed with both infantry and vehicular gameplay in mind and is a door-to-door combat zone with threats from every angle.
    • Haven is inspired by fan-favorite maps from Battlefield’s rich legacy, such as Arica Harbor (Bad Company 2), Strike At Karkand (Battlefield 2), and Amiens (Battlefield 1).
    • At release Haven will be playable in the following modes:
      • Breakthrough
      • Conquest
      • Rush
      • Team Deathmatch
      • Free For All
    • New Map: Stadium – This season, we’re bringing back Hourglass’ Stadium as its own individual map with a revamped, battle-torn look.
      • The return of Stadium has been one of the highest requested items from the community and the team is happy to bring the locale back as its own revisited & standalone experience.
      • Stadium is an infantry-only experience and will be playable in the following modes:
        • Breakthrough
        • Conquest
        • Rush
        • Team Deathmatch
        • Free For All
      • New Weapons: It’s time to step up and load up with this season’s new additions to Battlefield 2042’s arsenal.
        • AK 5C – This assault rifle offers an excellent balance of firepower and accuracy, making it the perfect partner for close-quarters combat.
        • SCZ-3 – This deadly submachine gun is a devastating option for close-quarters combat that stings, especially when equipped with a drum magazine to give you even more time before your next reload.
        • DFR Strife LMG– Get the best of both worlds. Equip the DFR Strife with belt-fed ammo, giving you an LMG’s magazine size and suppressive quality, while retaining the mobility of an assault rifle.
          • The DFR Strife LMG will debut in a later update for Season 7.
        • New Gadget
          • Predator SRAW – A classic staple from Battlefield’s history returns. This anti-vehicle launcher’s wire-guided missile will help you disable and eliminate both land and air vehicles.
        • New Vehicle
          • XFAD-4 Draugr – Keep your eyes on the sky with this cutting-edge remote-controlled aerial bomber featuring advanced precision-guided ordinance – including EMP bombs and radar-guided missiles.
            • The XFAD-4 Draugr will come in a later update for Season 7.
          • New Quality of Life Changes

You can watch the Battlefield 2042 Crimson Front trailer below: