EA announces end of year stats, FC 24 most popular teams announced

by on December 14, 2023

EA has announced its end of year stats, with EA Sports FC 24 leading the charge with Sam Kerr and Kylian Mbappe as top goal scorers and 45.1 billion games played overall. It’s worth noting that all of the stats below are taken from active titles in the franchises listed, from the first of January 2023, up until October 24th, so they have likely gone up even more.

There’s some other interesting stats for FC 24 released, such as 1.7 billion cross play games having been played, and 15.6 million total football Ultimate Team evolutions started. There are more than 200 nations playing, and the top team (based on most matches used) are Real Madrid for the men, and Chelsea for the women. On that note, the most popular men’s matchup is PSG versus Real Madrid, while Arsenal vs. Chelsea is the most popular women’s match.

Over on FC Mobile, Team of the Year is the most popular limited-time component, and Pele is the most selected player in PvP, while 103.5 billion goals have been scored in the 45.1 billion games of FC 24 played.

EA Year in Review

Moving onto other games than EA Sports FC 24, Madden 24 has had 6.4 million Super Bowls won, and February 12th was the highest played day of the year. The most popular matchups are Chiefs vs Eagles, 49ers vs Eagles, and Cowboys vs Eagles. In other words, the Eagles are a very popular team in Madden NFL 24. The top players based on touchdowns scored are Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, and Lamar Jackson.

Moving onto the FPS games, Battlefield 2042 stats include that of 996 million total revives, 983,000 portal experiences created, and 763 million total matches played. The top five guns are (in order): G57, G428, VHX-D3, MCS-880, LCMG. The most popular eras in portal mode are Conquest of Ages, BF World Tour, and 1942 Rendevous.

EA Year in Review Apex Legends

Apex Legends has had 81.8 million deaths caused by the ring, and 12.4 billion ultimates used. 129 billion supply bins have been looted, and 89.5 million mixtape matches were played. It seems Apex Legends is popular as an eSport, as EA has included the stat that 47.9 million hours of the Apex Legends ALGS was watched.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has some fun stats, too. Apparently 22.4 million people were killed by the Rancor, so perhaps our guide might be handy. Elsewhere, 65.4 million garden seeds were planted, which is amazing because that’s part of the game I barely touched. 26.1 million bounties were collected, 4.8 billion enemies defeated, and 44.3 million holotactics fights won. On and the important stat is that 1.5 million ponchos were unlocked.

The Sims 4 Year in Review EA

Last, but not least, it’s The Sims 4 time. There has been 23 million deaths in the game, and 12 million gallery uploads, as well as 43 million children. 260 million hours has been spent in build mode, and 1.8 billion hours played overall. 4.7 million horses have been created, along with 568 million Sims. Lastly, there has been 345,000,000 “WooHoo” noises made, and the top three recipes are Eggs and Toast, Mac and Cheese, and a Ham and Cheese Sandwich. Hungry now?

So there you have it, that’s EA’s year in review, and some fun stats to go with it.