Apex Legends “Upheaval” revealed via new trailer

by on May 6, 2024

EA and Respawn Entertainment has released a new trailer for Apex Legends ahead of the May 7th launch of “Upheaval”.

The update will add a new Legend (Alter), solos takeover, a reshape of the battlefield with “new points of interest, and a streamlined map, ripe for destruction”, customisable Apex artefacts, and a new battle pass.

Check out the new gameplay trailer, below:


Get ready to disturb the peace in Apex Legends: Upheaval with a new Legend, Solos Takeover, and more.

Prepare to upset the order with Alter and use her Void-based abilities to sow chaos in Solos Takeover, with kitted guns and new ways to deal death. Descend into a shattered Broken Moon, unearthing new POIS and faster paths to mayhem.

Here’s some of the key features for the new update:

New Legend: Alter

Break the rules with Alter, the embodiment of disruption.

  • Her passive ability, “Gift from the Rift,” loots an item from distant deathboxes and is great for swapping weapons or pulling a surprise Shield Battery.
  • Alter’s tactical “Void Passage” creates a portal through a surface, opening a path to send enemies back to the respawn chamber, or to make a quick escape.
  • Activating her ultimate “Void Nexus” places a device that anyone on her team can use to open a one-way portal back to the location.

Solo Takeover: Players will dive into Solos Takeover, replacing Duos at the beginning of the season. It’s every Legend for themselves out there.

Broken Moon Shatters: A lunar nightmare becomes a reality as Olympus crashes into Cleo’s stasis node, reshaping the battlefield with new POIs and a streamlined map, ripe for spreading havoc.

Apex Artifacts: Legends can customize each variant’s Theme, Power Source and more with Exotic Shards – mixing and matching to craft a player’s own calling card of destruction.

Apex Legends is out now and free to play.