Madden NFL 24 review

by on August 28, 2023
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August 15, 2023


Another year, another Madden title, and this year NFL 24 has managed to replicate the game within an inch of its life. It looks spectacular from a presentation point of view, showcasing the technology of the current era in spectacular fashion. On the field, there have been a ton of animations added, with refinements to most elements of the game, from tackling to passing, EA Tiburon has done a great job of making it a lot of fun to play, but outside of the time spent on the field, it feels very much like last year’s entry.

In terms of the on-field action, the tweaks and additions are obvious from the first match. There’s a big emphasis on player stats, size, and movement, where tackles are more impactful based on how strong your defensive line are. Tackling animations have increased by 1,700 new ones, and while knowing which ones are brand new isn’t obvious straight away, it’s clear every time you take out a player, the realism is elevated by a lack of repeated animations. Taking down a player by sweeping them from their feet looks awesome, and you can see the work put in by EA Tiburon in this area.

Player movement looks phenomenal, whether you’re passing down the field or making a run down the flanks. Passing is a lot crisper, with players finding the space and attempting a catch in a multitude of new ways. Players can dive when receiving, and there’s more effort gone into receivers having a higher chance of catching. The SAPIEN technology has added realism to everyone’s size across every shape on every team, and this impacts how brutal a challenge will be, how tackles connect, or how a catch is grabbed. You have plenty of control with each play, and it’s one of the finest elements of Madden NFL 24.

Quarterbacks feel more protected, and act realistically depending on who you play as. Diving passes look so cool, and depending on the situation, there’s always a trick in your back pocket if needed. The lines are trickier to break through, again highlighted by the way EA Tiburon has paid attention to player stats and replicating foundation football. The game rarely falters, and in terms of playing American football, it’s the best it has ever been. Animations have increased when celebrating, and between plays as well. New touchdown celebrations have been added, and with referees finally back on the field, it’s as authentic as it can possibly be.

One of the returning features in Madden NFL 24 are mini-games, with most of them being pretty entertaining if a little repetitive. You’ll get a chance to play in them across most of the main modes like Franchise and Superstar, where you’ll take part in them to improve your player’s skills. Superstar sees you go from the Combine to the NFL in a relatively streamlined experience that isn’t particularly gripping off the field, and is certainly no Longshot. Superstar Showdown, the online version of the mode, features a fun 3v3 mode that is better than The Yard, where teams compete until they reach the 21-point goal.

Franchise returns will little changes other than some tweaks to trading where six slots are now available, and Training Camp returns where you can improve your team through the various minigames. You can relocate your team if you so wish, but the mode is much the same as it always has been, which, is a theme that runs through most sports games as a whole. Ultimate Team returns with a few additional features like the live event hub, but it’s still the same grinding and playing to improve your team. A big issue across the entire game is just how slow the menus take to progress through, and playing on PS5, I expected screens to load up a lot quicker than they did.

While action on the pitch feels great, much of the modes offer little variation from the last few years. Madden NFL 24 is starting to become untouchable gameplay-wise, and the SAPIEN technology, combined with FieldSENSE, offers a fluid and realistic time across the four quarters. Presentation is sublime, and the addition to detail across most positions and how they act to their real-life counterparts is stunning. It’s just a shame there’s little to shout about besides this. The minigames are fun for a while, and I did enjoy the Superstar Showdown mode, with the online mode pitching me against a wide range of different players and playstyles.


Fantastic animations
Great additions to how it plays
Attention to player sizes are welcomed


Menus are slow
Some modes lack much improvement

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In Short

Madden NFL 24 feels great to play, especially with FieldSENSE finding its feet, but some of the modes need more to make it stand out.