Path to Glory and Greats of the Game announced for FC24

by on June 7, 2024

EA Sports has just unveiled new dynamic sets of players for FC24 to keep an eye on over the summer tournaments, these are Path to Glory and Greats of the Game.

FC24 Path to Glory

FC24 Path to Glory uses real-world international football-powered Dynamic Special Player Items. These items will receive upgrades based on potential wins and competition advancement. The Path to Glory covers both the Euro 2024 tournament and the Copa America tournament this summer. And as such a set of players is being released for each competition, covering the countries involved in each competition.

You can see the image below detailing the Path to Glory players for Euro 2024:

And below you can see the additional players for the Copa America 2024:

FC24 Greats of the Game

Greats of the Game has also arrived on FC24. Here, both Icons & Heroes receive upgrades based on goals scored by their countries during their respective tournaments. So you’ll want to keep an eye on which nations are doing well and scoring lots of goals, as this will only improve these stars in the game.

The full list of the Greats of the Game can be seen in the image below:


EA FC 24 is out now.