Skate gets a new video talking about features, customisation, and more

by on May 3, 2024

EA and developer Full Circle has released a new episode of the Skate series “The Board Room”, talking about rewards, features, and more.

The video features Deran Chung (Senior Creative Director), Jeff Goslan (Character Art Director), Yolanda He (Experience Designer), and Nick Bruzzo (Lead Product Manager), and a lot of the episode is about character customization in skate. The team says “we touch on the evolution of character art from the previous games and how we are giving you the chance to show off your personal style through wardrobe options and your skateboard set up”, adding “we also go behind the scenes on how we are working with brands to bring products from the real world to life in San Vansterdam.”

Check out the episode, below:


The team says it wants to not veer too far from the stylisation of the previous titles, but also make it realistic looking. There’s plenty of pre-pre-alpha footage, and the studio seems keen to get feedback from the community, which makes sense as this one has been a long, long time coming.

Yolanda He explained that the team wants to provide the chance for people to express themselves, “be whoever you want to be in the game”. While Jeff Goslan added that no matter what the player chooses to do, there’s no exclusivity between masculine and feminine items, saying “anyone can wear anything”, with Deran Chung adding that the team is trying to do its best when it comes to representing skate culture.

It’s also been confirmed that Vans will be a brand in skate. The developer actually gets the 3D model of (for example) shoes from the company, and then optimises it for the game, applying the game’s art-style to the design.

Skate doesn’t have a release date yet. You can sign up to playtest the game (and console playtesting is happening this year), here.