PlayStation Plus April monthly games include Sackboy: A Big Adventure

by on March 30, 2023

Sony has announced the PlayStation Plus April monthly free games available across PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and one of them is a console exclusive in the form of Sackboy: A Big Adventure. We say console exclusive because it released for PC not too long ago.

The three PlayStation Plus April games will become available to players on April 4th up until May 1st, with Sackboy: A Big Adventure perhaps leading the charge, but it might not overshadow Meet Your Maker, a brand new game launching day and date on PS Plus. Meet Your Maker is from the same developer as Dead by Daylight, and the two games are having a crossover at the moment.


We previously knew about Meet Your Maker being the main attraction of the PlayStation Plus April monthly games, and it’ll be the PS4 and PS5 version. Sony (via the official blog) gave this as the description of the title:

Meet Your Maker is a post-apocalyptic first-person building-and-raiding game where every level is designed by players. Switch between roles as you mastermind devious Outposts filled with traps and guards, then gear up for methodical fast-paced combat raiding other players’ creations, gaining an edge by choosing the right loadout (melee, ranged, defensive), perks, and consumables to match your challenge or playstyle. Combine your creativity and build with a friend or join forces to raid Outposts as a team of two.

Sackboy is also the PS4 and PS5 version, while rounding out the three titles for April is Tails of Iron (PS4 and PS5, also) which Chris White scored a 9/10, saying, “Tails of Iron is a special little game. It takes a simple approach to combat and finds a way to make every fight a tense encounter of risk and reward. The hand-drawn art style drew me right in, and the variety in gear and the need to constantly experiment against different enemy types had me hooked throughout. It’s Souls-like inspirations are felt around every corner, but it is very much its own thing”.