Dead by Daylight and Meet Your Maker are having a crossover in-game

by on March 22, 2023

Dead by Daylight is published by Behaviour Interactive, and so is Meet Your Maker. Know what that means? CROSSOVER!

The publisher has announced the in-game event will net you plenty of rewards, you just need to own both of them. Dead by Daylight has had an event running since March 14th, with a Meet Your Maker-inspired angle, using the most valuable resource in the upcoming title, Pure Genetic Material (GenMat, apparently). There will be GenMat Extractors appearing at different stages of a trial, and if you collect the cylinder and escape alive, you’ll get exclusive charms that vary depending on the GenMat colour you escape with.


Launching on April 4th, though, Meet Your Maker owners who also own Dead by Daylight will get more cross-promotional content for both games. Here’s the list:

Meet Your Maker: Dead by Daylight deco pack:

  • 2 Building blocks inspired by the Macmillan Estate Realm
  • 1 Animated Generator Prop
  • 1 Pallet Prop
  • 1 Basement Light Prop
  • An assortment of decals including Scratch marks, Blood Trails, Bunny Feng, Nea’s Grafiti, and more.

Dead by Daylight goodies:

  • Very rare Pentekath’s Suit for Meg Thomas
  • 3 unique Killer weapons for The Trapper (Crunching Blade), The Huntress (Toothed Axe), and The Wraith (Biomechanical Spine)

We recently spoke to the creative director of Dead by Daylight, Dave Richard, who told us there were more crossovers coming, saying “There are many that have yet to make their way into the game… keep your eyes peeled!”.

He also told us that, regarding the drones in the new update: “There’s always a fine balance in our game – we want Killers to be powerful but not too powerful. So indeed we decided that the drones would help her surveil her victims, rather than say attacking the Survivors. That way it gives her an edge without making her overpowering, which I believe works well in game”.

Read the full interview, here.