Meet your Maker having a free trial week on PlayStation and PC

by on June 28, 2023

Behaviour Interactive has announced a week-long free trial for Meet your Maker, right at the same time the the latest DLC has been released.

Starting yesterday (July 27th), Meet your Maker has a free trial on Steam and PlayStation, running right up until July 3rd at 11:59pm EDT. The free trial will not only include all of the base game, but also the Sector 1: Dreadshore content that’s just been released. Should you decide to buy it, there will be a 35% discount on the game until July 5th on PlayStation, while Steam users have up until July 13th to get a discount.

Xbox users aren’t being left out, however, but the trial will be happening at a later date. The discount, however, is available for Xbox users until July 13th.


Players will have access to all of the game’s features and tools, allowing them to build their own deadly Outposts or raid some of the most notorious user-generated content currently online. All Outposts and progress made during the free trial will be carried over for players who later purchase the game, provided they do so on the same account they used to play the free trial.

For those that do want to trial it (on PlayStation or PC) there’s no code needed or anything like that, you can just download it from the relevant store.

Mick was thoroughly impressed with Meet your Maker in his review, scoring it 9/10 and saying: “Still, knowing that you’re potentially ruining someone’s day at any given moment, whether getting away Scot-free or receiving a rating of “Brutal” or “Ingenious”, is an intoxicating feeling. Combined with an interesting, deep, and compelling progress system and some very competent FPS-style platforming gameplay, this marks Meet Your Maker out as one to keep an eye on going forward”.

Meet your Maker is out now for PC, PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.