European launch for Rock Band Rivals announced

by on November 17, 2016

Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. and Performance Designed Products LLC has announced today that a European launch of Rock Band Rivals is due at the end of November.

Featuring two new game modes as well as new venues and items, Rock Band Rivals marks a return to the online play of Rock Band.

In Rivals Mode, players band together to form crews of up to ten people to take on other crews around the world in a structured and ongoing series of uniquely themed gameplay challenges. At the beginning of each challenge, crews will be assigned to one of six tiers. When a challenge ends, the best crews will ascend to a new tier, while underperforming crews will face demotion. As crews get promoted they’ll earn badges and face stiffer competition in their quest to earn their place amongst the elite in the highest tier – Bloodstone.

More information can be found at www.rockbandrivals.com

Date of release is slated for 30 November 2016.