Bully: Scholarship Edition and Catherine are now Backward Compatible on Xbox One

by on December 15, 2016

Major Nelson just announced that Bully, Catherine, Clannad (Japan only) and more are now playable on Xbox One.

While everyone has been waiting for Burnouts and other 360 games, I’ve been waiting for Catherine to be playable on Xbox One. Catherine is one of the best and most unique games of last generation. It also has one of the best soundtracks in gaming. Sit back, relax, grab a beer, and download Catherine on Xbox One. Another big win for Xbox One backward compatibility is Bully: Scholarship Edition. Rockstar just released Bully on iOS and Android a few days ago. It is now playable on Xbox One and available for purchase digitally as well.

A special mention is warranted for Clannad. It is only available in English officially on Steam but was released on almost every console in Japan. I own a Vita copy of the Japanese release. I hope they can somehow remove the region restriction for Clannad because I’d buy a copy of it in Japanese again because it is a fantastic visual novel that more people need to play.

Xbox One backward compatibility crossed 300 titles and it is the gift that keeps giving. Give us Tales of Vesperia and I think no one will need a 360 anymore.