Death Squared brings cube culling to Nintendo Switch on July 13

by on June 21, 2017

SMG Studio are bringing their boxy android puzzle game Death Squared to Nintendo Switch next month.

The game tasks you to get a team of robots through a series of obstacle courses filled with hazards. There’ll be over 120 levels playable in anything from single player up to a group of four people, and let’s face it, everything’s better with more people. The new version will also include more levels that were not included in the previous releases across PS4, XBO and PC.

The lead designer Patrick Cook understands the USP of the Switch and why they felt it made the console a natural home for their game.

Death Squared was created with groups in mind, so coming to the Switch made perfect sense. We look forward to friends and families being able to share the experience wherever and however they want when it comes out July 13