Pokémon Camp gets a new update, Pokémon Shuffle anniversary celebrations on

by on July 28, 2017

The Pokémon Company International has updated the Camp app and celebrates a 2 year anniversary for Shuffle.

The Pokémon Camp app just got a new update with an immersive island. This update adds more activities for trainers with 60 new Pokémon including ones from the Alola region. Pokémon Camp also has a 360 degree video you can watch below:

Pokémon Shuffle is now 2 years old and there’s loads of in game bonuses on the way. Players will now receive a shiny Tyranitar for logging in and use in ranked events. Alolan Pokémon will also be making their way into shuffle. Challenges beginning August 1 include extra chances with rewards including 3x Mega Speedups. The bonuses will be on iOS, Android, and Nintendo 3DS.

Both Pokémon Camp and Pokémon Shuffle are available on iOS and Android devices. Pokémon Shuffle is also on Nintendo 3DS.