An Advance Wars mobile game is not impossible: Nintendo

by on September 5, 2017

Shaun Musgrave of TouchArcade interviewed Mr. Kouhei Maeda from IntelligentSystems and Mr. Shingo Matsushita from Nintendo of Japan about Fire Emblem Heroes and more.

The Advance Wars franchise has been absent for a long time. After the DS, we haven’t seen any release in the Advance Wars franchise and fans have been clamoring for a new entry. Given the growing popularity of Fire Emblem ever since Awakening hit on 3DS, some people have been hoping to see Advance Wars resurrected on current Nintendo platforms. Shaun asked them about the possibility of an Advance Wars mobile title and this is what Shingo Matsushita had to say:

It’s not a zero percent chance, but we would need to think about what would be the right idea and the right concept for bringing Advance Wars to mobile. Of course, that’s stuff that we really have to think on. It would really give us a lot of encouragement and energy if we heard from the fans that they want it. So please keep asking for it and tell us what you’d like to see!

You can read the rest of the interview on TouchArcade that includes character popularity, the success of Fire Emblem heroes, and more.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android devices in most countries.

Thanks, TouchArcade.