New video site for gamers, TheGamer.tv launches

by on September 22, 2017

A new video curating site for gaming videos has been launched, and it’s been snappily titled TheGamer.tv.

The site comes from Level Up Media, (the guys behind Dingit.tv) and aims to be the one stop shop for gaming related videos, ranging from your every day social gamer with a video they think people might be interested in, to anyone with a love of eSports.

Videos can be tagged like tweets so that they can join other videos of similar content to make discovery easier, and all videos are curated by human moderators rather than an algorithm so that there’s no unfeeling machine making decisions on blacklisting your videos. This is good news for people looking to monetise their content as it means that your output is alongside other generally safe content.

Discovery has always been an issue with platforms like YouTube, where parents like myself struggle to ensure our kids can watch gaming videos free of swearing, slurs and graphic content. Here’s hoping it grows and expands well.