Your first Ultra Beast encounter and next 30 Totem stickers in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon

by on December 20, 2017

So, let’s recap, you’ve got two trials down, and have a Totem Raticate. More trials are incoming, and they’re only going to get harder, so you could do with some more Totem stickers to get yourself some more varied Pokémon. Fear not, the next thirty stickers will not get you one, but two, yes, two Totem Pokémon. During this passage of play you’ll also encounter your first Ultra Beast thanks to a wormhole on the Aether Foundation, But we’ll come to that later.

Last time around we collected our twentieth sticker in Paniola town, after which a trip back to Heahea Beach nets us Raticate. Following from there we start by going back to Hau’oli city, because by now you should have a fishing rod and as a result new stickers are available to you. I’ve put these in the order you should come across them, so with no more further ado, here we go.

Hau’oli city

1) Outside Captain Ilima’s house, in the pool, you’ll need a fishing rod to get it. This is obtained after the trial of water

Back to Paniola town

2) There’s a wagon all the way to the left, there’s a sticker on it

Moomoo Ranch

3) in the water, once again you’ll need a fishing rod
4) There’s an area with a lot of hay, around the back of there you’ll find a fence gate, the sticker is on there

Route 5

5) Outside the trial are opposite the Pokémon centre there’s a pool of water, use the fishing rod again

Royal Avenue

6) In the main square there’s a bench in the lower right
7) Check behind the fifty megamart

Battle Royale arena (Interior)

8) Back of the left hand side of the downstairs main hall
9) upstairs on the right hand barrier

Heahea City

10) Outside The Dimensional Research lab on the satellite dish,partly obscured by it
11) Inside, on the wall to the right of the entrance
12) The left hand side of the entrance to the surf shack

Route 8

13) On the outside of the Aether Foundation caravan
14) The ‘Dream Park’ isn’t dreamy, but check the disused fridges next to the caravan for a sticker

Dimensional Research lab

15) Burnett’s office, on the left wall near the bookcase

Koni Koni City

16) Inside the restaurant, behind the counter by the entrance
17) At the harbour, it’s on the right hand side on the floor near the stern of the boat

Hano grand resort

18) On the pier on the right hand side
19) On Hano Beach, follows the wall, you should just see the sticker behind an umbrella

Ula’ula Island

Malie City

20) Outside The ferry terminal

That will ensure Professor Oak gives you a Totem Aquanaid, But let’s go for another shall we?

21) In Malie Garden on the hut near where you meet Kukui, it’s on the right hand side
22) Outside The fashion shop in the district next to Malie Garden
23) On the right hand side of the outside of the Kantonian gym
24) Inside Malie Library to the right of the stairs
25) Inside Malie library, it’s upstairs around to the front left behind a person looking at the bookshelves

Mount Hokulani

26) Outside the trial base, on the right hand side
27) Inside the trial base behind the desk on the left hand side
28) Inside the trial base in the hallway, it’s all the way to the left

Route 10

29) Start going back down the coach route on foot, you’ll find the sticker on the barrier part of the way down

Geothermal power plant

30) Inside, on the right hand side of the TV area.

Now that you have another ten it’s time to go see Professor Oak at Heahea beach (yes I’m aware he was just at the power station, but you can only collect Totem Pokémon at Heahea for some reason). Once you turn in your stickers the good Professor will give you a Totem Salazzle. So, you now have three Totem Pokémon.

Your first encounter with an Ultra Beast

Now, it may sound scary, and when it turns up looking all like a jellyfish and without a face it seems intimidating, but it isn’t. There’s no obvious markings on it to signify its weakness, but this Ultra Beast that you encounter on Aether Foundation Island is weak to water.

You’ve had plenty of chances to have a decent water Pokémon by now, and one at level 30 will rid you of this Ultra Beast in two turns with plenty of room to breathe. It’s a shame you can’t catch it, but there’ll be time for that later.

Anyway, more stickers to come. I’ll be back here when I’ve got them. Happy collecting!