Caffeine is a social broadcasting platform for gaming, creative arts, and entertainment

by on January 31, 2018

Caffeine unveils a a reimagined social broadcasting platform.

In a world where most people are on Twitch and YouTube Gaming for any live streaming of games or even Facebook Live Videos, Caffeine is approaching things a bit differently. It has been designed to be safe at its core. It will let you broadcast via a PC game software, webcam on macOS or Windows, and the Caffeine iOS app. Ben Keighran, CEO of Caffeine, commented:

“We’re incredibly excited to be sharing more details on the pre-release version of Caffeine. I left Apple to create a company that would fundamentally change the way we create, consume, share, and monetize live content. Our goal was to re-imagine every aspect of live broadcasting — ignoring the good things we could do and focusing on the really great things instead. We are committed to building the best experience for creators, giving them everything they need, from the broadcasting software all the way through to how the audience discovers and enjoys their content. We have put together a world-class engineering and content team that will transform the way the world thinks about live broadcasting.”

Caffeine is in pre-release mode right now and you can check out the website here or the iOS app here.