Get ready to Pika part the case with Detective Pikachu

by on February 23, 2018

I hope you’re feeling Comfey because here’s a new Detective Pikachu trailer giving us some new info on the game before it’s March 23 release.

Everyone’s favourite electric mouse is here with a bunch of his Pokémon pals, to solve the case in Ryme City with the help of a few…oddish looking humans. As for what the case is, we have no idea, but apparently it involves Mewtwo in someway. Could we be expecting something to Exploud?

They’ve really captured Pikachu’s likeness Beautifly, but the human models do look rather Gastly (I’m going to stop with the puns now before I hit the bottom of the Bibarel).

Anyway, watch the trailer, there’s just over a month to go.