AOT 2 / Attack on Titan 2: Everything You Need to Know

by on March 20, 2018

Attack on Titan 2 (North America) / AOT 2 (Everywhere else in the West) releases today and we’ve been playing it on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch. If you’ve been wondering what the hype around Attack on Titan the anime or game is all about, this should help you out and answer almost everything you need to know about the latest from Omega Force.

What kind of game is it?

AOT 2 is an action game where you fly around using specialised 3D Maneuvering (ODM) gear to slay massive titans in addition to experiencing the story for Attack on Titan.

Omega Force developed it so is it a Warriors/Musou game?

It actually plays nothing like a Warriors or Musou game and when I reviewed the original, it was a pleasant surprise and still is fun to go back to and play.

What platforms is it on?

The first game was on PS4, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox One, and Windows. This one sees some changes and it releases today in the West on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows.

What’s with the different names and does this matter while buying DLC?

Since this is based on an anime license, there are licensing issues. In North America, Koei Tecmo managed to secure the rights to use the Attack on Titan name for both the first game and this one. Outside North America, the rights for the name are held with other parties most likely so it is called AOT 2. This has one particular implication for the Nintendo Switch release because while many games have the same build across EU and US physical releases or digital releases, this one doesn’t. With games like Rocket League, I’ve bought DLC from the US eShop for an EU digital copy. That won’t work here. Keep that in mind when you buy it.

Are there different editions?

Yes there are two main editions. The standard edition costs £54.99 and the AOT 2 Deluxe Edition costs £89.99. The Deluxe Edition includes a 20 piece outfit set for the cast. These outfits are available separately as well with a few sets offering discounts on the full collection. Retailers have different pre-order bonuses but all bonuses that are digital are in the form of outfits. Some retailers in Europe have a lovely AOT 2 SteelBook as well.

Storage is limited on my Switch, how big is the final install if I buy it digitally?

With the latest patch, the Nintendo Switch version weighs in at 13.3GB which is less than the PS4 version which is 23.23GB. This is still quite big and larger than Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as of this writing.

Do I need to have played the first game?

While I definitely think you should because it is great for fans of the series, AOT 2 actually has a recap of the original’s story told in a rather quick manner through the opening missions and story segments.

Do I need to have watched the anime?

You do not need to have watched the anime although as with most licensed games, a lot of the draw is the fan service and reliving epic moments from the show.

So what changed from the first game?

You now play as a custom avatar in the main mode and see the story unfold in front of your own eyes for the most part unlike the first game. This one also has a more in depth story and character progression system.

How does it look and run?

Both our review and the Re:Port will go into details for this but it looks and plays fantastic on the PS4 Pro. The Nintendo Switch version runs at a lower frame rate and lacks a lot of visual effects compared to other console versions. It even has drops that occur more in docked mode in our time with it and has NPCs flying around at a lower frame rate often resulting in perceived judder for things in the environment but not your actual character. It plays well portable but if you had to play this on TV, you’d be better off getting it on PS4 or Xbox One.

Does it have the awesome Sawano music from the anime?

Sadly the answer is still no. It is disappointing that one of the best anime composers has his music stuck in a poor 3DS version from another developer instead of this great game.

Does it have online?

Yes it does and playing online with friends slaying titans is beyond awesome.

Anything else?

We will have a full review for the PS4 version very soon and a Re:Port on the Nintendo Switch version of AOT 2. Omega Force and Koei Tecmo Europe have done a superb job with this game. Stay tuned for our review and more coverage.

Attack on Titan 2 / AOT 2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows.