Zen Studios announces CastleStorm to come to Switch in August

by on July 23, 2018

Zen Studios has announced that CastleStorm will be launching on Nintendo Switch in August.

CastleStorm is a genre mashup of 2D physics destruction mashed with a tower defence brawler. The Switch version will feature the complete campaign along with two expansions “From Outcast to Savior” and “The Warrior Queen”.

Touch-screen controls allows players to swipe back and forth across the battle field, zoom in on demand for the intense action, or fire the ballista at will at oncoming hordes of enemies. These unique features combine for a fresh and unique CastleStorm experience. In addition to touch controls, CastleStorm includes Pro Controller support, and support for 2 Joy-Con play in split screen mode providing many ways to enjoy the game with the Nintendo Switch’s unique control options.

Online multiplayer options include Survival Co-op, allowing two players to team up and fight together, and the Last Stand Co-op mode puts two players together to outlast hordes of enemies. CastleStorm is running at 60 FPS in handheld mode and full 1080p in docked mode, allowing CastleStorm’s beautiful worlds and comedic story come to life on the go or at home.

CastleStorm will release on 16 August, 2018.