Ballistic Interactive unveils it’s Outback Bestiary for upcoming HellSign

by on September 28, 2018

Ballistic Interactive has announced the bestiary for the upcoming HellSign, which is due out in Steam Early Access on 7 November, 2018.

Set in the depths of the Australian Outback, players must brace for the horrific monsters-of-myth they will face during their playthroughs of HellSign.

Included in the bestiary are the likes of the Redback Huntsman Spider with fangs that span the size of mammoth tusks; the Shadow Beast which hunts in packs and can tear through dimensions to appear on Earth; an Interdimensional Mimic that has spawned from the depths of the altered dimension and devours anything in sight; and the Protozoan Parasite – a three headed beast that feeds on the innards of humans while they are still alive and implants its larvae.

Check out the original launch trailer below: