Further details of supernatural RPG HellSign’s gameplay mechanics released

by on October 24, 2018

Ballistic Interactive has revealed further information regarding its hardcore supernatural RPG HellSign ahead of its launch on Steam Early Access on November 7, 2018. To pay homage to the popular TV trope “monster of the week” – where each week in shows such as X-Files there would be a particular monster for the main characters to overcome – HellSign will revolve around procedurally-generated monster contracts. Your task will be to investigate a disturbance, identify the monster, go grab some equipment to take it down, and then kick some spooky ass!

This random gameplay mechanic will make each contract unique and therefore puts more emphasis on the investigative aspect, and also how well you equip yourselves to deal with each monster.

Official details about how the game works below:

  • Tricks Of The Trade – Start your journey with a flickering torch, rusty gun and a whole lot of guts. Complete jobs to develop your skills and learn more about the monsters that haunt the night. Develop your character and build your arsenal through a detailed RPG and job system. Become an elite hunter and get your revenge.
  • Choose Your Contracts – There are all manner of creatures prowling the streets, from ghosts to hellhounds, monstrous spiders to demons. Which order you take on contracts is up to you, but each monster you slay brings you closer to unearthing the dark truth that’s been stalking you.
  • Hunt, Or Be Hunted – How you clear the town is up to you. Go in guns blazing and let your shotgun do the talking, or plan and research your targets to use their weaknesses against them.
  • Study Your Prey – As a hunter, knowledge is one of your greatest weapons. Read your environment and uncover the weaknesses of the creatures you’re hunting, to make it a little easier to slay them. The Cryptonomicon is your hunter guidebook, tracking the creatures you’ve slain and the signs you’ve collected.
  • Use Your Tools – From shotguns and booby traps, to silver nitrate rounds and high tech gadgets – there are many tools in your arsenal to help you fight the darkness. Choosing what to bring with you, and when to use it can be the difference between victory and a grizzly defeat.

And if you want to see it all in action, check out the launch trailer below:

HellSign is out on Steam Early Access on November 7, 2018.