PlayStation Talents showcases Q4 lineup for Spanish Indie talent

by on October 4, 2018

PlayStation Talents is a Sony initiative to expand the Spanish Indie scene and they revealed two new games for the end of this year.

Up first is a new PlayLink title called Melbits World. Melbits are little creatures who live on the internet (no we’re not talking about those sad little Twitter trolls). Melbits are part of the good side of the net while viruses are on the bad side (obviously). You’ll need to use your smartphone to guide a group of Melbits to safety in a game that looks kind of reminiscent of Captain Toad. The game will allow co-operative play with several smartphone users, and will also be compatible with a forthcoming Melbit Maker app that will allow you to breed Melbits. Melbits World will release on November 14.

Next is Intruders: Hide and Seek wherein you play a young boy whose home has been invaded by strangers who have taken your family hostage. You’ll need to sneak around the house avoiding the enemies to rescue your family, all via the medium of PS VR. Intruders: Hide and Seek will also be released in November.

Other forthcoming games are watery survival horror game Submersed

Skeletal action adventure Disembodied.

Platformer Masira

Video mystery game TAPE

Survival Horror Injection π-23

Puzzler Inexplicable Deaths in Damipolis

Third person VR puzzler Anyone’s Diary

And a platformer called Effie about an old guy with a magical shield which may please Captain America fan Gary.