Banner Saga 3 gets new Eternal Arena game mode for PC

by on December 13, 2018

Indie developer Stoic and publisher Versus Evil have today announced that Banner Saga 3 has a new game mode called Eternal Arena.

The newly introduced game mode, exclusive to PC, was a $400k stretch goal as part of Banner Saga 3’s original funding drive on Kickstarter.

Eternal Arena is a series of quick play challenges where players can customise their own maps, rules and enemies to create unique tests of skill.

John Watson, Technical Director at Stoic had this to say: “Eternal Arena has been a lot of fun to devise, tactical gameplay plays a major role but PC players can really mix it up to test our their own combat scenarios and idea, if you love tactical combat then this is the perfect mode to get stuck into. The fans and backers have been an integral part of helping us deliver this game so we’re thrilled to introduce the last stretch goal to the final chapter in the Banner Saga series.”

The Eternal Arena add on is free to all Kickstarter backers of the PC game. You can watch the trailer below: