Splatoon 2 patch 4.3.1 arrives on December 18 and here are the patch notes with changes to multiplayer, ranked mode, Octo Expansion, and more

by on December 17, 2018

Nintendo has detailed the upcoming Splatoon 2 patch ahead of its release.

Splatoon 2’s patch 4.3.1 is set to go live on December 18 and Nintendo has revealed the patch notes today. The changes to multiplayer weapons can be viewed here. The remainder of the patch notes are below:

Changes to Ranked Battle
Weapon specifications are taken into account when splitting an assembled group of eight players into teams for Ranked Battle, but this feature has been changed in the following ways:
The number of players with crown icons in X Rank will no longer have a significant impact on team breakdown.
The number of players using weapons from different categories such as “shooter” or “roller” won’t have a significant impact on team breakdown. Instead, the specifications for each specific weapon will be given more weight when splitting up teams.

Changes to Salmon Run
Fixed an issue occurring after creating a “With Friends” room where taking too long before selecting “Recruit more players” would cause other players not to join the room.
Fixed an issue causing players to occasionally pass through stage terrain after touching and getting knocked back by a Scrapper or Flyfish while standing near a wall.
Fixed an issue causing Scrappers to mistakenly not take damage when hit from behind with a direct shot from a Cannon.

Changes to the Octo Expansion
Fixed an issue causing an unintended reaction when touching an ink rail while getting pulled to a Grapplink after attacking the Grapplink.

Other Changes
When using the Kensa Splattershot Jr., the sticker on the player’s ink tank was previously the same as the one when using the Splattershot Jr., but is now unique.
Fixed an issue in spectator mode that caused the “Turf Inked” stat for each weapon to increase incorrectly.

Splatoon 2 is available on Nintendo Switch.