The Fantastic Four are coming to MARVEL’S Future Fight

by on January 9, 2019

It has been announced today by Netmarble Corp. that Marvel’s first family, The Fantastic Four will arrive in mobile action-RPG MARVEL Future Fight. Along with all four members of the team (Mr Fantastic, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, and The Thing), their lifelong enemy and ruler of Latveria, Doctor Doom will be joining the battle, as well as Victorious, champion of Latveria.

There’re also some new outfits for She-Hulk and Crystal, both friends and former members of FF, who’ll be receiving new costumes based on their time in the team. Moon Girl also gets brand new “Monsters Unleashed” battle armour designed by Netmarble in collaboration with Marvel Games.

A new Epic Quest has been added that focuses on the leader of the Fantastic Four, Mr Fantastic, who’ll be unlocked as soon as you start the quest, and will gain strength as soon as an Epic Quest is completed.

Finally, a new Character Rank board will show the most popular characters listed, an improved World Boss Rank board, new Comic Cards and Card Collections, which includes the “Monsters Unleashed!” comic event, as well as new Uniform Collections and more.

Here’s a trailer of the official update: