All the new changes to Red Dead Online Beta available in today’s update

by on February 26, 2019

The Red Dead Online Beta is getting a big patch of updates today.

Included in the patch are new weapons and clothing, new gameplay, additional balancing and a slew of community-requested improvements.

New Gameplay

  • Earn Gold Nuggets and XP for completing Daily Challenges which includes activities like skinning animals and finding treasure.
  • Starting next week, compete with rival teams and Posses in a new event called Fool’s Gold, where players fight to wear a protective suit of Golden Armour.
  • Target Races where you can race other players on horseback and take down targets with speed and accuracy.
  • Take on friends in the new Fishing Challenges
  • Coming soon, three new Showdown Modes where players and teams compete to capture and deliver bags, steal loot from each other and survive.

New Weapons

The Rare Shotgun which is an engraved, faded brass version of the powerful, double-barrelled longarm is available today. Coming soon is the Evans Repeater – a high grade, high capacity rifle that is devastating from medium to long range.

New Clothing

A range of new outfits, boots, coats, hats, gloves and vests are available. In addition to all the clothing that will be available for purchase at your leisure, keep an eye on the shops and the Catalogue for Limited Time items that will come and go each week.

New Emotes

A range of new reactions, greets and taunts have been added. You can find new Emotes in the Wheeler & Rawson Catalogue then add them to your Emote Wheel through the Emote Wheel Management menu.

World Enhancements

A range of enhancements have been added including an updated Player Radar and reduced visibility of player blips over longer distance. Voice chat has been limited to near proximity rather than from across the map and overly aggressive players will be highlighted on the map with a progressively darkening dot.

There is an enhanced Law and Bounty system which triggers persistent NPC bounty hunters depending on the amount of trouble you cause. And an easier Parley and Feuds systems has been implemented whereby you can turn quarrels with other players into timed mini-deathmatches to trigger feuds.

The update is live now.