VR, Casinos, and F2P – What will the Next Generation of Gaming Giants Look Like?

by on March 16, 2019

Of all the different forms of entertainment, none even approach gaming and casinos when it comes to modern evolution and growth. The reason for this is simple, no other form of entertainment are quite as reliant on technology as a core component. Each new technological generation unlocks more potential on this front, which is then informed by similarly evolving cultural, social, and entertainment trends.

This can make it difficult to anticipate what these will look like in the long run, but it does at least give us an indication of what we should see more of in the coming generation. So what big trends do we expect to see next?

Real VR and AR Gaming

Nintendo tried to enter the VR gaming market back in 1995 with the Virtual Boy, but in this case, as businessinsider.com.au/nintendo-virtual-boy-reality-3d-video-games-super-mario-2018-3 details, their grasp exceeded their reach.

ITU-R WP6C VR and 360 Seminar

Now with technology finally having caught up, and developers increasingly investing in this new world, it is just a matter of time before both VR and AR gaming becomes a mainstay alongside the traditional console, handheld, and PC systems.

More than just visual peripherals, these give gamers an entirely new way to see the world,  and as we approach the second generation devices similar to the Vive Pro as seen at godisageek.com/2018/01/htc-unveils-vive-pro-headset-and-vive-wireless-adaptor, these worlds are only going to become more detailed and immersive. If you’ve ever wanted to play professional level blackjack or roulette while in the comfort of your own home, then this technology is certainly going to be one to watch.

More Online Casino Gaming

One of the forms of gaming which can be overlooked when it comes to keeping pace with current technological developments is that of online casinos. For those out of the loop, these entered the internet age far earlier than most gaming industries and constantly kept pace with developments in faster internet, and smartphone technology.

Today, even infrastructure websites like online-casinos-canada.ca help support this industry, relaying information to players like where they can get the best bonuses, deals, and lowest wagering requirements. Now dipping their toes into the world of VR, these will continue to offer expanding opportunities to players and designers both.

Actual AAA Free-to-Play Releases

AAA gaming studios have been hesitant to enter the F2P market, instead often trying and failing to adopt aspects of this monetization while still charging for a full-priced product. This, despite the fact that actual F2P success stories rank up there as the most profitable that the gaming industry has ever seen.

This is also the case with online casino games, which have no initial signup cost, yet have remained incredibly popular and successful, with games like Mega Moolah and Marvel Slots becoming international sensations.

According to recode.net/2018/6/26/17502072/fortnite-revenue-game-growth-318-million, Fortnite alone brought $318 million in revenue in May of 2018 alone, and without charging players a cent up-front.

With games like this, League of Legends, and DOTA 2 having already laid the path we’re only now seeing bigger publishers and developers enter the fray, as EA and Respawn have done with Apex Legends.

Released with little warning or advertising, Apex Legends gained 25 million players in less than a month and is on track to show other major developers what is possible with a more consumer-friendly pricing model.

While there will undoubtedly be some surprise developments appearing with the next generation which none of us saw coming, we would bet good money on the above all playing an important part in what’s to come. Let’s just hope for a drop in VR prices, as we especially can’t wait to jump into horror games, and then realize how bad an idea it was, then drop back into a game of blackjack.