Football Drama coming to Steam and mobile in September

by on July 31, 2019

Open Lab Games has confirmed the launch date of its upcoming narrative football title, Football Drama. The game will be coming to Steam and mobile devices on September 18, 2019. As the Italian-based developer’s first game, it promises to be a different take on your traditional football title. You’ll not only compete to win, but also follow the story of your team’s manager, Rocco Galliano.

You can discover Rocco’s shady past and interact with a variety of characters whilst trying to keep your team afloat. Furthermore, you’ll also be making decisions on his behalf to progress the story that runs alongside the beautiful game. To help create this narrative-driven experience, Open Lab Games have worked with Daniele Giardini, who contributed to Night Call. Her work on the characters in that game should put some credibility into the storytelling here.

Check out the new trailer below to see the game in action:


Football Drama launches on Steam and mobile devices on September 18, 2019.