[CLOSED] Win a Rune Factory 4 Special: Archival Edition, right here! | Competition

by on February 28, 2020

Boy, have we got a Rune Factory 4 Special competition for you! Thanks to the lovely folks at Marvelous Games we’ve got TWO Archival Edition copies of the game to give away.

The competition has now closed, congratulation to DJ and Seb for winning the two copies!

Rune Factory 4 Special Archival Edition Contents:

    • Physical copy of Rune Factory 4 Special for Nintendo Switch
    • 160-page A5 sized art book featuring the works of Minako Iwasaki with an original cover illustration.
    • Official soundtrack CD consisting of 33 tracks from the original release, plus 3 new tracks
    • ‘Swimsuit Day’ DLC that adds an option to have characters appear in their swimsuits
    • Premium custom box with an original illustration by Minako Iwasaki

Due to the physical nature of this competition, we’re only able to accept winners from UK and Ireland. Make sure you use as many entries into the competition as you can, as the more points you gain, the higher your chances. Importantly, remember to leave your email address. It’s pretty self explanatory, so just have a look at the box below, use the Twitter options, Youtube ones, or even visit our Facebook page for entries.

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Curious about Rune Factory 4 Special? Here’s the skinny on what the game is all about.

The curtain rises on a beautiful sunny day, as the hero tumbles from the heavens… After being saved by the dragon Ventuswill, the hero comes to live in the local castle as a newly designated ruler and begins life anew while developing the town, making difficult decisions, and cultivating the soil. While exploring a nearby forest, the hero encounters and defeats a monstrous butterfly. Left in the fallen monster’s place is a mysterious young girl. Seeking the answers as to why, the hero’s search for the truth will lead to a grand adventure that will shake the very foundations of their world…and draw them closer to the secret buried in their own lost memories.

In this standalone story, players choose to play as a male or female hero and will encounter a diverse cast of potential suitors and other loveable townsfolk. As the newly-appointed prince or princess, royal duties are fulfilled by issuing orders to help the town prosper, or by taking a more relaxed approach to governance by raising crops and helping townsfolk. Should some dungeon adventuring be on the day’s itinerary, a vast array of weapons along with magic can be crafted or bought for battle against dangerous foes—companions or friendly monsters can also join to aid the player during their travels.

Oh and if the above doesn’t do it for you, we’ve included a video unboxing from the Marvelous folks to show off the contents. You really want to be involved with our Rune Factory 4 Special competition, so get entering!