Two Point Hospital: Off The Grid is available now

by on March 25, 2020

From today you can now access the newest expansion for Two Point Hospital, Off The Grid, on Steam. Early adopters can get a 10% discount, available until April 1. If you’re new to doctoring, you can try the Two Point Hospital ‘Complete Your Set’ Bundle on Steam. This gives you a 10% discount to the base game and all previous DLC until March 31. Also from today you’ll be able to buy the Exhibition Items Pack from £2.99.

Now, onto the latest expansion. In Off The Grid you get to explore three new regions each with their own unique characteristics. To help Two Point County stay beautiful and sustainable you can research 35 brand new illnesses (9 visual). These include illnesses like Green Fingers and Root Snoot, while also experiencing new treatment rooms. Gardening is also on the agenda as you’ll need it to treat some of the region’s new afflictions.

When you move onto Windstock City, the County’s first eco-city, you’ll need to build green energy machines to stay running and self-sufficient. Generated power can be used to open hospital rooms, allocated to Patient Flow and Staff Application systems and to influence transport in and out of the city.

Finally, check out the trailer below showing all of this off.