FarmVille 2 has a new in-game event

by on April 23, 2020

Zynga has announced that a new in-game event has hit FarmVille 2. To celebrate the #PlayApartTogether initiative and Earth Day the Tropical Escape event is now in full swing. Tropical is running from now until April 28.

Like all events it comes with its own story and FarmVille 2 is no different. For Tropical Escape you need to help Caspian the merman as an oil tanker has capsized and spilled thousands of gallons of crude oil. This is obviously bad news for the marine ecosystem and you need to work with other resorts to clean it up. Doing so will win you a Bubba the otter as a guide. A new otter friend should be all the incentive you need.

It doesn’t end there! In celebration of #PlayApartTogether Mondays are now ‘Fundays!’. On April 27 each player will receive all day free sunshine, free fertilizer and more. Everything you receive will make running your resort that little bit easier.

“The Tropic Escape team is always looking for ways to keep our players entertained with fun, new events that cover a variety of exciting and interesting themes. Sometimes, real-world events and issues spill into the game, and this time, we’re highlighting Earth Day!” said Zynga GM, Arpith Kanade. “We picked this special day to underscore the fact that we’re all in this together on this beautiful planet. With teamwork and by celebrating a sense of community, we can achieve anything.”