The Most Popular Game Genres In 2020

by on April 3, 2020

In this modern age, technology runs everything. Business, art, travel, and even gaming, you name it, tech plays a huge role. All thanks to coding, almost everything has been modernized and has been incorporated with tech, one way or the other. On that same note, the gaming industry has seen its fair share of games all through the years. And in this piece, we shall take a look at the most popular yet this year. Without further ado, let us get right into it:

  • Role-playing games

Number one on the list is the RPGs that have risen to the top effortlessly. And this is because these games are so much fun to be part of. You assume the role of a fictional character that you make for yourself or comes as part of the game. Throughout this game, you then go on a stipulated mission to achieve a set goal utilizing the skill set of the character made.

  • Casino games

Casino games are yet another trendy genre that has taken the world by storm. Having the pleasure of earning while you play seemed like a far fetched idea until online casinos came into play. Well, here is the deal: live casinos are, unquestionably, the real deal. Through live casino, one gets to enjoy a plethora of games panning from tables, card games like blackjack, and slots, just to mention a few. And the eventuality of earning a few bucks right after, make the class even more appealing.

  • Racing games

Being part of a line up against competitive opponents with the winner taking up a prize such as a trophy is very fulfilling. The thrill that comes with racing a car, characters, horses, or hounds in the virtual world is very enticing. More so, getting to the top of charts is very rewarding, making these genres of games a savoured selection.

  • Sports games

Next, we have sporting games. Here, every mentionable sport played by humans on the face of the planet ideally has a game version of it. But perhaps of all sports, football is the most popular. This goes without saying since one of the most purchased virtual sports games is the FIFA franchise, with a new release every year. In addition to this, basketball, hockey, tennis, swimming, and so much more closely follow. These games are designed to the exact specifications of the sports following the rules, structure, plus the players known in the real world.

  • Action-adventure games

Action games and adventure games are also marvellous diversions that have graced the gaming industry. But the combination of the two has made quite drastic moves a considerable chunk of the population relishes to be part of. Action games bring about exhilarating anticipation, while adventure spike the spirit of exploration into the unknown. And the combo amplifies this fun tenfold, making this genre one of the most relished worldwide.

  • Fighting games

No one ever wants to be on the receiving end of a knock-out. Without a doubt, everyone wants to be the one to throw the knock-out blow. And there is where fighting games come in. These fighting games are designed in almost all disciplines found in the world today. These are Kung Fu, martial arts, kickboxing, boxing, and even combat using guns and other weapons.

  • Real-time strategy games

Another favourite is real-time strategy games. These matches are typically run synchronously from one section of the globe to another. Here, the players from these regions get to enjoy the game at the same time. The missions for these games vary from tactical ones to adventure-seeking, so on and so forth. They involve the use of the tools provided in the game to compete with other players at the same time.

  • Simulator games

Lastly, we have the simulator games that take the gaming experience to a whole new level. If you thought to play these games real-time was it, you have not tried a simulator version of the game. With the simulator, when you are hit, you feel it; when you are empowered, you feel it too. Another thing about these simulator games that make them accessible is that they get you moving. For instance, if you are playing a dancing simulator game, it will require you to stand up and get busy with the dance moves on the screen. 

As seen above, the gaming industry is seeing new advancements day in day out. And the great news is that it is just about to get better with the mentioned genres taking up the topmost positions as of the year 2020. So get on and try one or all of the styles above, you will not regret it.