Factory builder Satisfactory is coming to Steam June 8th

by on May 30, 2020

If draining the world of all of its natural resources has always been a dream of yours, factory builder Satisfactory is coming to Steam on June 8th. Packed with building, bouncing and befriending aliens, Satisfactory looks like it will satisfy many gaming itches.

“- Developed by the same team behind Goat Simulator and Sanctum, Satisfactory was first revealed in 2018 and went into Early Access exclusively on the Epic Games Store last year

– The game is set on a beautiful alien planet and encourages players to construct multi-storey factories to harvest the world’s natural resources for megacorporation, FICSIT Inc

– Satisfactory combines construction, automation, exploration and a dash of combat. Players must optimise their factories, streamlining production for the greedy corporation all while encountering hostile alien lifeforms or making new friends with little lizard doggos”

After publishing the superb Huntdown this month, I’m interested to see more of Coffee Stain Studios own game next week. The industrial setting is definitely intriguing, and building a Nuclear Power Station and living my best Mr Burns fantasies is all I’ve ever wanted.

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