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Towaga: Among Shadows is getting a demo

by on June 18, 2020

Sunnyside Games and Noodlecake Studios announced their latest game, Towaga: Among Shadows is getting a demo. Between June 16-22 you’ll be able to play the first chapter as part of the Steam Game Festival. Towag: Among Shadows blends twin-stick shooting with defensive gameplay and sees you take on the role of character Chimù. It’s your job to help Chimù harness the power of light to save his land from Metnal the Voidmonger and his legion of Darkness.

There’s a new take on the twin-stick shooter where ground-based combat has you in a fixed position aiming an endless beam of light to take out opponents. Although flying is an option for Chimù and you can use this strategy to fly between opponents.

There are over 70 unique stages where you can unlock spells, gear, outfits and lore diaries. As you gain XP you’ll be able to deal more damage, increase your magic potency and increase your HP. Towaga also includes fours single player modes for you to dive into. These include Story Mode, Bite sized Trial challenges and an Endless Mode where you need to last as long as possible and aim for a high score.

“We wanted to make a fluid arcade action game that made players feel simultaneously powerful and vulnerable,” said Ryan Granville, Producer at Sunnyside Games. “Towaga: Among Shadows‘ unique blend of giving you an all powerful superweapon, but then locking you into position with it, captured that feeling of an epic last stand. We then implemented the free-wheeling flight sections to give players a sense of variety and freedom as they switch between these modes. You’ll get a taste for all of it when you try this demo.”

And finally if you like the sound of the above you can check out the trailer below: