Season IV: Blood of the Empire lands on Conqueror’s Blade

by on July 21, 2020

Booming Games and MY.GAMES have announced the latest season for Conqueror’s Blade is out today. Titled Blood of the Empire, the Anadolou Empire has arrived with the aim of achieving victory in Season IV. The latest content update is also free to players.

The aforementioned Anadolou Empire’s forces are headed by Sultan Faith Suleyman IV who wields impressive battle prowess. In Season IV players can wage war against the Sultan as he marches on the Conqueror’s City. Also available is the Season IV Battle Pass which unlocks new rewards. This also includes season-exclusive attire inspired by the Anadolou Empire.

Season IV: Blood of the Empire also features:

2 New Battlefields

Now available in Siege Battle rotation is the nigh-impregnable fortress city of Reginopolis. It’ll be down to you to attempt to stop the more determined warlords from taking the city.

Arriving on August 18 is the ability to engage in Field Battles by Land and Sea. The Sultan will be casting an eye in new places and attempting to capture golden bays and harbours.

4 Unlockable Units

By completing Seasonal Challenges throughout Season IV you’ll be able to recruit units straight from the Sultan’s armies. Those up for recruitment are:

  • 3-Star Janissaries (available July 21): Elite musketeers have secured rich rewards for their valuable service.
  • 4-Star Azpas (available August 4): These units are armed with a kilij-type sword and a small buckler.
  • 5-Star Siladhars (Available August 18): Units fitted out with halberds will fight with all they have to protect their commander.
  • 4.5-Star Sipahis (Available September 1): Heavy cavalry armed with steel maces and clade in plate armour.

Also available will be the Sons of the Steppes and Soldiers of Fortune Unit Challenges from Season II and III. The challenges will be available for the duration of Season IV.

New Server and Language Support

A new EU West 3 server is now available and ready for you to conquer. If you’re a veteran player you can start again with a brand new warlord! New players can dive in and have a more relaxed journey with matchmaking and progression a little less daunting.

Further expansion will be available on August 4 when Turkish full in-game localization will be available.

Season Exclusive Rewards
  • Season IV Battle Pass rewards. These include cosmetics only obtainable during Season IV. These cosmetics are based on the unique garments of the Anadolou Empire.
  • Automatically unlocked is the Baltadji’s Hero Attire at level 1. You can also aim for the Chorbaji’s Hero Attire at level 100. The seasonal currency Hero Tokens can be earned from the Battle Pass and spent on 11 graceful, ornate weapons skins in the Seasonal Store. These are also inspired by the stories history and culture of the Anadolou Empire.
  • Finally, the newest addition to Conqueror’s Blade; Emotes. These can be used to express victory, defeat and everything between the two. There are also special character animations like Applaud, Flex, Laugh and Cry that can be unlocked for free or as premium rewards from the Battle Pass.
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