GOTY 2020 Podcast: Day Four

by on December 24, 2020

And on Day Four of the GodisaGeek.com GOTY 2020 Celebration Award Podcast Shows, the host did give unto us: ENORMOUS SPOILERS. Day four, as is tradition, is all about story and the moments that resonated most with the pod-team in 2020. That means there will be spoilers for a lot of the major games this year. It’s worth noting, of course, for “Best Story” in a game 2020 award we don’t intend to spoil games on purpose, but to prove your point, you have to fight for the nitty gritty of these games, and explain why they’re the best. That said, “Best Moment” is literally about the moments in games in 2020 that we think are best, so there’s no way round that without spoiling. You have been warned!

Come back for day five, the finale, the final one of the days, where we’ll crown the best game of 2020. What a journey. Wow. We’re amazing.

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