New Captain Tsubasa demo is available to download now

by on January 14, 2021

If you resisted the temptation of anime football goodness last year, then the new Captain Tsubasa demo may be of interest to you. The 2020 title received critical acclaim thanks to its entertaining gameplay and stunning aesthetic, and is well worth trying for yourself.

“Starting today players will be able to try Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, for free in the newly release DEMO VERSION. Available now on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 (also compatible with PlayStation 5).

This demo version will allow fans to go through the tutorial and try the offline versus mode with one of the four teams available:

– Nankatsu Middle School

– Toho Academy

– Furano Middle School

– Musashi Middle School

Whether you want to go portable or home console, you should definitely give the new demo a chance if you have any vague interest in sports games. If you’re a sucker for sports fiction like me, then this anime footie game will feel like it was made for you.”