AndaSeat launch brand new T-Pro 2 gaming chair

by on February 10, 2021

Today, the world-leading brand in gaming chairs, AndaSeat, has launched its T-Pro fabric king ergonomic gaming chair. The chair is made from luxurious linen fabric and padded with 60kg/M3 density foam, offering 4D armrests and large lumbar support for the most comfortable gaming experience. Not only that, but the chair provides a Z Support multi-functional tilt mechanism from 90° to 160°.

Not only has AndaSeat released the T-Pro 2, they’ve also launched a natural bamboo charcoal seat and luxurious footrest. AndaSeat has previously manufactured race car seats, as well as partnered with brands in the sports and esports field. To find out more about the new chair, as well as the bamboo seat and footrest, you can read more about them and purchase through their website.